EMA-XPS Online



syntax: (subframes-of <frame-specifier>
                      [:DIRECT T | NIL | Var]
                      [:IDENTIFIER T | NIL | Var]
                      [:KB <kb>])

Warning: B2 handles frames only by their symbol-
         The key :KB is not supported yet!

This function returns a list with all subframes of 
the frame. The default value for ':direct' and 
':identifier' is NIL, i.e. if you do not give 
any details, then you get back a list with all 
subframes of a frame as objects. If you set 
':identifier' to T, then a list with all sub-
frames as symbols will be returned.

example: >(subframes-of 'offer)
         (#<FRAME   CULTURE>   
               #<FRAME   MUSEUM>   ...)

         >(subframes-of 'offer :direct T 
                               :identifier T)

EMA-XPS Online