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syntax: (define-frame <frame-name>
           [:SPECIALIZES <list-of-frame-names>]
           [:DOCUMENTATION <documentation>]
           [:EXPLANATION <explanation>]

Warning: The explanation facility is not sup-
         ported, hence :documentation and
         :explanation are ignored.

A frame is defined by its name. Under the keyword
:specializes the superframes of the recent frame have
to be defined. If there exist no superframes, then
the keyword can be left away.
The documentation and the explanation are optional

See the page on RELATION-SPECIFICATION, too!

example: >(define-frame city
             :documentation "describes the city"
             :explanation (("describes the city")))
         >(define-frame capital-city
             :specializes (city)
             :documentation "describes the city"
             :explanation (:description
                (("describes the city"))))

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