EMA-XPS Online



syntax: <explanation> ::=
          (:description |
           :specific-description |
           :determination |
           :specific-determination |

Warning: The explanation facility is not sup-
         ported, hence :documentation and
         :explanation are ignored.

In the explanation field you write information,
which has to help the ultimate user to understand
the software.
The user has the possibility to get four
kinds of information types:

1. "What is ..?"
2. "How do I get ...?"
3. "How does it work?"
4. "Why does it work this way?"

The information from the explanation field will
be used, if the user asks for explanations
about the statical structure of the base of
knowledge or explanations about the dynamical 

Three information types exist:

:description | :specific-description
contains a description of the construction.
This information will help to understand
the construction.
:determination | :specific-determination
is mainly for frame relations. It should help
the user to find indefinite values of a
frame relation.
contains a description of the execution. It can
use the parameters of the program in order to
describe their effect.

EMA-XPS Online