EMA-XPS Online


The Main Menu

The main menu appears at the end of the boot phase.
All necessary operations will be introduced from its
menu pane.

The File menu:

- Statistics ...
       Displays the number of different knowledge base
       constructs containted within the current KB.
- New ...
       Creates a new KB and makes it current.
- Load ...
       Loads a new KB from a EMA-XPS or babylon3 stylus
       file and makes it current. babylon3 KBs are
       translated into EMA-XPS style during loading.
       WARNING: Babylon2 KB files can NOT be read cor-
- Save ...
       Saves the current KB in EMA-XPS KB file format
       using its current file name. This operation is
       unavailable with newly created KBs.
- Save As ...
       Stores the current KB in EMA-XPS KB file format
       using another file name. 
- Close
       Removes the current KB from the list of KBs
       known to the inference engine.
- 1 ... 9 [>] KNOWLEDGEBASENAME [!!#]
       Displays all knowledge bases, currently known
       to the inference engine. the current KB is mar-
       ked by a '>' sign.
       When a knowledge base has been changed, a sharp
       sign "#" behind the name of that KB in the
       [File] menu displays differences between the
       version stored in the file and the version of
       the KB within the LISP world.
       When the string "!!" is displayed, Changes
       within the knowledge editors are marked, which
       differ from the contents of the LISP world.
       Those changes do not take effect to session runs
       or rewriting to KB files, yet!
- Quit
       Exits EMA-XPS.

The Edit menu:
- Frame ...
- Instance ...
- Behavior ...
- Rule ...
- Prolog ...
- Constraint ...
- Constraint Net ...
- Restriction ...
- Task ...
- Miscelaneous ...
       As soon as a current KB exists, the graphic
       knowledge editors are available. More infor-
       mation concerning the editors is available at
       the help page "introducing the editors".

The Session menu:
- Run
       Starts a session with the current KB.
- Debugger ...
       Displays the debugger front end. It appears
       automatically when runtime errors occur.
- Explanation Window ...
       Displays the explanation window. It appears
       automatically as a reaction to explanation
       requests from within the KB.
- Tracer ...
       Enables outputting of tracing information at
       session runtime.

The runtime version of EMA-XPS does not offer the
menu "Edit" and the button "Tracer" in the "Session"

EMA-XPS Online