EMA-XPS Online


The Prolog-Editor

Horn clauses(axioms) can be edited and created
via the prolog editor.
To select and create axiom sets you have to click
on the field with the label "Axiom Set". To create
a new axiom set, enter the new name in the field
selection of the selection menue.

The Edit menu:

- Apply this Axiom Set...
       The changed axiom set will be transfered
       to the LISP world.
- Delete this Axiom Set...
       The axiom set will be removed from the
       LISP world.
- Undo Changes
       The old axiom set definition is reloaded
       from the knowledge base.
- Link Axiom Sets to KBs...
       This Linker popup enables linking of one
       axiom set as the "fixed" clauses to the
       selected KB, as well as any other "free"
       axiom set including their order of prece-
       dence. This is achieved by the buttons
       "before" and "after". The popup grants
       that only one axset per KB may be made
       the fixed one, and that the fixed axset
       cannot be selected to be a free one,
       The button "<< <<" removes a free axset
       from the KB and relpaces it in the list
       of remaining sets in the middle of the
       The "Undo" button reloads the unmodified
       linklist of the chosen KB links again,
       "Apply" transfers the modifications to
       the knowledge base.

Axiom set modifications, not yet updated in the KB,
are displayed by an exclamation mark in the top right

Help on the syntax of babylon- and lisp-expressions 
can be requested by placing the text cursor into a
word in the text fields of the editors, followed by
a keypress on the [Help]-Button [F1].

EMA-XPS Online