EMA-XPS Online


The Miscelaneous-Editor

This tool enables editing of all constructs, which
are not covered by the other specialized editors.
Macro and LISP function definitions, as well as global 
variable definitions should be placed here, if they
cannot be avoided.
To select the respective knowledge base you have to
click on the field with the label "Knowledge Base".

The Edit menu:

- Apply these Constructs...
       The modified constructs will be transfered into
       the knowledge base.
- Undo Changes 
       The old constructs' definitions are reloaded
       from the knowledge base.

Such modifications of these remaining constructs, which
aren't yet updated in the KB, are displayed by an 
exclamation mark in the top right corner.

Help on the syntax of babylon- and lisp-expressions 
can be requested by placing the text cursor into a
word in the text fields of the editors, followed by
a keypress on the [Help]-Button [F1].

EMA-XPS Online