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syntax: (make-babylon-text-label <interface>
           <wname> <xpos> <ypos> <width> <height>
           <label> <frame> <font> <color>
           &rest <args>)

This function defines a textfield on the window.
<wname> is the name of the field. <xpos> and <ypos>
give the position from the upper left corner. <width>
and <height> define the width and height of the
textfield. <frame>, <font> and <color> are not
supported by Babylon v3. The defined textfield will
appear in the interface.

example: >(defun make-kb-interface (interface)
             (list (make-babylon-text-label interface
             "BOX1" 400 300 100 50 "input:" 
             nil nil nil))))

EMA-XPS Online