The Hybrid Graphic Expert System Shell

A distributed application for preemptive multitasking operationg systems

Welcome to the world of EMA Laboratory's Expert System Shell
*** EMA-XPS v2.1.6 ***

Copyright (c) 1989 - 2008 Hans Groschwitz
All Rights Reserved

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EMA-XPS is a hybrid graphic expert system shell based on the ASCII-oriented shell Babylon 2.3 of the German National Research Center for Computer Sciences (GMD). In addition to Babylon's AI-power (object oriented data representation, forward and backward chained rules - collectable into sets, horn clauses, and constraint networks) a graphic interface based on the X11 Window System and the OSF/Motif Widget Library has been provided.

To avoid collisions of the two programming techniques (event oriented vs. procedural style), two separate programs solve these different jobs. The first one works event oriented. It initializes a bidirectional pair of interprocess communication channels using one pseudo teletype (like xterm). In advance it spawns a LISP-world containing the features of Babylon and the extensions for interprocess communication.

In addition to the AI-features of Babylon it offers a task-processor. For the input of knowledge specialized editors have been realized. Additional support is granted by a tracer. At session time a flexible and widely configurable full-screen application and popup dialogs are available. The user may choose to ask for explanations on the state of the inference process. For information on how to use EMA-XPS at run-time, an interactive help facility is provided. Meanwhile the on-line documentation of the Babylon syntax is offered this way, too.

Beginning with version 2.1 of EMA-XPS knowledge base files of the shell ``babylon 3.1-beta'' from VW-GEDAS (which is no more available) can be loaded, too. Those KBs are translated into EMA-XPS style KBs at load-time (see the release notes).

Additionally to the source distribution, currently static bound versions for Linux 1.2 (AOUT) and SunOS 4.1 are available. Both are linked with X11R6 and OSF/Motif 2.0 libraries and use Bruno Haible's CLISP interpreter.

EMA-XPS and CLISP are copyrighted under the terms of the GNU General Public License. Click here for details!


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Download the software:

Here is the source distribution of EMA-XPS.

Here you get a mirrored version of the Babylon-2.3 LISP sources.

And here is a mirror of the CLISP LISP interpreter's source. CLISP is optimized in a way, that most native cc's might fail. You should use the gcc instead!

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